our life

The Dutch fouders Hans and monique travelled through Asia and lived in HongKong and Indonesia where their first born son Sander, who became their co-founder, was born. It was the thirst for new horizons that took them to Costa Rica in 2001 in which they discovered the purity of life. The idea of combining the Far East and this beautiful country was born. It took them 10 years to make this dream into the intimate eco resort it is today.

uvita bali bosque statue

“We believe that our houses have a soul. A uniqueness that defines it and draws us to it while awakening our senses of adventure, the sense of being on the island of the Gods, Bali. It is our greatest wish to share this with all the people who want to be here in harmony with the existing environment.”



“our logo represents the holy lotus. This waterplant grows in swampy areas but the leaves and flowers always look clean and frish. That is why this flower represents the symbol of purity and devine birth in the Hindu and Buddist faith. The Hindu God Vishnoe is mostly pictured with a lotus flower as well.”

holy lotus Uvita Bali Bosque